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The After Dental Implants Checklist

Dental implants are fresh new replacements for teeth that you may have had removed at a previous visit to your dentist or oral specialist. Dental implants require more procedures to get them placed, but they are often a much better choice than dentures, leaving you the hassle of having to take them out every night and put them in every day.

Dental implants are simple to get done by the right professional, but that doesn’t mean it is entirely without pain or discomfort. If you are about to be having your own tooth implant procedure rochester done, then consider following some of these steps to minimize the amount of pain and discomfort you might experience when it is all said and done.

Try These Steps After Your Implant Procedure

Do some of these easy steps when your implant procedure is complete. Following these simple tips should be a good way to help you cut down on any post-operative pain and discomfort you may experience:

·    Take any medicine at prescribed. Depending on your dentist or specialist, you may have been prescribed a painkiller to help you manage your pain or discomfort. Make sure you take it only as prescribed, alternating it with over the counter pain solutions (like acetaminophen) when possible.

·    Try not to poke at it. While it may be tempting to poke at your surgical site with your tongue, you may only be agitating it. Leave the site alone so it can heal as quickly as possible.

·    Eat soft foods. Hard and crunchy foods could irritate your mouth for awhile. Try sticking to soft foods as much as possible. Soup can be a great choice for these times.

·    Use an ice pack as needed. If the area swells or is generally painful, feel free to keep an ice pack on it for awhile. This might even help bring the swelling down.

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These are just a few simple steps you can follow to help cut down on pain and discomfort after your dental implant procedure. Remember, most of all, that it needs time. These procedures can take several months to fully recover from, so make sure you’re giving yourself plenty of time to make a full recovery, and you’ll find your new implants should be serving you well.